Lesson 2

Taught by Roxana Tuff, Artist

July 22, 2016, Friday
Cephas House, 217 MLK Drive, San Marcos, Texas 78666

Lesson Two - Tape Masking and Painting

Note: Click on any photo and view a larger image.

HOMEWORK: Calligraphic Tree - See Demo for steps

Roxana shows the start of a multi-layer painting.
Each area of the painting has different color, textures, shapes, and sizes.

Step 01: White space in between the small areas was created by applying tape onto the paper, creating an open gridwork.

Step 02: Each open area inside the gridwork was painted. Paint was allowed to dry.

Step 03: All of the tape was removed, then reused to create a new gridwork right on top of the dried artwork.

Step 03: Within the new open gridwork, she painted new areas, overlapping colors and forms and textures on the first layer.
Example of taped gridwork and painted areas.
Students remove tape and then create a new gridwork.
Example of finished work by a student.

Note overlapping colors, variety of textures and shapes.
Layers of colors effectively create new color blends.

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  1. Lots of cool design possibilities with this technique! Thanks, Pam, for posting & sharing this lesson. I think you & Roxana could easily co-create profitable online art modules! Great stuff! ~Kathryn