Saturday, July 16, 2016

Lesson One

Lesson One - Leaf Prints with Backgrounds

Taught by Roxana Tuff, Artist

July 15, 2016, Friday
Cephas House, 217 MLK Drive, San Marcos, Texas 78666

Note: Click on any photo and view a larger image.

Edges of watercolor paper have been taped. Roxana begins mixing watercolor pigments and water.

She begins painting on dry paper.
Roxana changes color several times, allowing the wet paints to flow right into each other.

Leaving gaps between colors is fine, all of the paper doesn't have to be covered.
Once a background is established, Roxana chooses a leaf and applies a dark color all over one side of the leaf.

Paint should flow well - not sticky or pasty.
Put a paper towel or newsprint on the table surface to protect it from paint.

Cover the leaf well with paint. 
Turn the painted leaf so that the wet paint faces the paper. Position the leaf, then press it down on the paper. Burnish it down to ensure good contact between the leaf and the paper.
Use Saran Wrap to completely cover the painted leaf and the watercolor paper.
Place a large, flat, level weight on top of the Saran Wrap. This helps the paint from the leaf come into better contact with the paper.

Leave this "sandwich" to dry for several minutes.
Remove the weight and then gently lift off the leaf.

The paint has left a leaf-shaped print on the paper.

Repeat, adding more leaves, if you like.
Student hang their work to dry, while others begin a new piece.
Here's a slightly different selection of student works.
Roxana discusses the technique with students.
A close-up of one work, showing a variety of leaf prints.
Homework: Make more Leaf Prints using this method. Bring your work to the next class.